Critical Studies in Art and Culture (RMA)

The Research Master’s programme Critical Studies in Art and Culture focuses on current developments within four main disciplines – visual arts, architecture, design and media – from both a theoretical and a historical perspective. In a globalised cultural world in which art, architecture, design and media are ever more closely integrated and packaged as ‘creative industries’, disciplinary boundaries are called into question and challenged. But a thorough grounding in older and newer disciplines such as art history, architectural history, design culture and media studies is a prerequisite for asking these questions.

The two-year research master’s is aimed in particular at the talented student with an academic bachelor’s diploma in art, media and culture. This RMA is a good option for students who are interested in pursuing a PhD after their MA, but also more in general for students who cherish critical attitude, arrive at original lines of questioning based on a profound knowledge of their research subject, and wish to develop their research skills.

Click here for more information about the program. The official blog of Critical Studies in Art and Culture has merged with this blog but can still be visited here.

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