Closure of the Alma-Tadema project

Last weekend, the exhibition Alma-Tadema: At Home in Antiquity closed at the London based Leighton House, former home to the artist and contemporary of Alma-Tadema: Sir Frederick Leighton. After the modern styled Fries Museum in Leeuwarden in 2016-17 and the spacious baroque Belvedere Museum in Vienna last Spring, the exhibition reached its third and final… Read More Closure of the Alma-Tadema project

Facts and fabulation: the ‘real’ Mata Hari on film

By Ivo Blom Mata Hari was famous for her own fabulation of her oriental past and scandalous present. Myth and reality converged in ever changing combinations, which impressed many, but also caused her serious troubles during her notorious trial, leading to her execution in 1917 by the French army, condemned as enemy spy. However, the… Read More Facts and fabulation: the ‘real’ Mata Hari on film