Students’ Stories: Liza Kerlen at Patty Morgan

Written by Liza Kerlen

Hi everyone!

You might remember me from last year when I was student assistant at the arts & culture department. Since then I’ve moved on to a new job that’s a great fit next to my MA ‘art, the market and connoisseurship’. I’m now working as sales assistant at online gallery Patty Morgan. They’re a gallery that mainly operates online but they also have a showroom in Amsterdam Noord where we occasionally host shows. In this blog I’ll tell you a little bit about what I do there and why it’s the perfect job to do next to my studies.

As a sales assistant I’m responsible for handling all incoming email. This means that when someone purchases a work online or sends an inquiry about it I’m the one to reply. Inquiries vary from questions about the price of a work, people wanting to see a work in real life, setting up appointments, incoming invoices, etc. Next to this I’m also handling all sales, meaning I process online orders, sending out invoices, pay the artists and make sure people receive the work on time and in great condition. All the administrative and financial stuff that comes with this task is not something I learned in uni! So I was quite nervous about this at first but now I feel confident doing this. Other tasks I have include helping out during openings, from managing the bar to informing people about the show and our gallery, representing Patty Morgan at art fairs and all sorts of little things that come up during the day.

I think a job at a gallery for one or two days is such a great experience because when you’re doing this MA it’s a very likely workplace to end up at. What I like most is that I get to have real hands-on experience, working within a super close and enthusiastic team and getting to meet lots of cool artists, also not something that happened a lot during my studies. Honestly I was a bit lucky landing this job. Since I’m writing my thesis on online galleries and approached Patty Morgan about doing an interview with them, they ended up interviewing me for the job haha!

We’re currently hosting a show at our physical showroom in Amsterdam Noord titled ‘Kamagurka en waar is Willem de Haan?’ where Willem has transformed our showroom in an airport departure lounge. If you’d like to have a look or book your summer holiday you can come visit till July 7th! You can also read more about the show here or here.


Me during the opening of our current show, very realistically playing an uninterested airport check-in employee 🙂

A en D

Arrivals & Departures?


Can you spot the bomb?


Pink champagne, because Patty likes to party!

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