Witte de With invites applications for ‘Class of ’17’

Last year Witte de With started a new initative, inviting a group of students from different universities and art schools to together co-curate a part of their public program. The first group, which in good US tradition was called ‘Class of ’16’ programmed three events, entitled “Contested Tongues”, “Orchestrating Engagement”, and “Capsulating Precyclopedia”.

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I gave an introductory talk on my slow art project for the “Orchestrating Engagement” event, which also comprised a slow walk, a meditation inmidst the uncanny toy-zoo of Charlemagne Palestine, and a ‘conceptual dinner’. All in all, it was a really nice event with many interesting participants from different backgrounds, so I can very much recommend to consider an application. It should be both fun and interesting to program similar (or totally different) events together with a group of students from various Dutch institutions. You can find the details here. Deadline for applications is August 28th. (KK)


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