Kunstlicht CFP: Constructed Identities

Since 1980, VU Art & Culture students and alumni have their own scientific journal, entitled Kunstlicht. Just two weeks ago, they presented the last two, highly ambitious issues on ‘The Artist’s Persona’ at theater Perdu.

The upcoming issue will be about ‘Constructed identities: Architectural heritage & identity politics’. You are invited to submit 200-300 word proposals for contributions (in Dutch or English) until June 6th.

Defining and preserving ‘who we are’ seems to be increasingly important in turbulent times. Heritage and history are fundamental to this self-definition, and architecture is particularly well suited to capture identities. This issue of Kunstlicht explores the limited, selective, and exclusive practices of architecture and architectural heritage, and suggests alternatives. Preserving cultural heritage inherently suggests openness, democracy, and tolerance, but how innocent are the politics of heritage? To what extent are change and diversity permitted by such politics? What is ‘open’ architecture as opposed to ‘closed’ architecture? In what ways could architecture acknowledge diversity and generate inclusivity?

Please read the call for papers here.
Lees de call for papers hier.
Deadline: 6 June 2016.

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