Veldwerk in de virtuele jungle

… under this title (fieldwork in the virtual jungle) the recent Advalvas journal presents VU researchers from various disciplines investigating online games . One of them is Connie Veugen, docent at our Art & Culture department, who, next to her studies in English literature, has started self-educating in programming early on. She finally wrote her PhD thesis on narrativity in games. At the moment, her main research focus is on transmedia storytelling, that is stories which are told across different platforms and media (books, films, games, comics etc.). In the Advalvas article, she describes in how far user participation or interactivity in games affords totally new approaches to storytelling. You can find the whole article (in Dutch…) in the online version of Advalvas here, or in the print version available free of charge at various locations at the VU. connie

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