Workshop: Designing a game set in the 80-years war – meet ASSASSIN’S CREED in-house historian Maxime Durand

When thinking about future employment as a graduate of Arts and Culture, you probably have not thought about venturing into the computer game industry as a consultant. Nevertheless, the historically accurate visual representation of the architecture, art, interior design, clothing, etc., in, for instance, ASSASIN’S CREED UNITY (2013) is not the responsibility of game designers and graphic artists, as one might think. Such specialist knowledge stems from the meticulously research of humanities alumni.

Basilca di San Marco (Venice), ASSASIN’S CREED II 2009 (c Ubisoft)

To give you the opportunity to see what this kind of work involves, the graduate school of humanities invites you to a special workshop on how to design a game set in history (the 80-years war), which will take place on the 25th of May (11:00h-15:15h), under the expert guidance of historian dr. Erika Kuipers and ASSASSIN’S CREED in-house historian Maxime Durand. In the workshop, you will learn about the possibilities and limitations of video games for the (re)presentation of history. As you will only work with pen and paper, no computer skills (nor any gameplay skills) are required. In the workshop the 80-years war will be approached from multiple perspectives in three different historical locations: The Spanish Empire, the Northern Netherlands and the West-Indies. In preparation for the workshop, you are required to do historical research on one of the following subjects: 1) Architecture, 2) Weapons and technology, 3) Clothing, foods and drinks, 4) Religion and world views, and 5) Art and interior design.

Palais du Luxemburg (Paris) ASSASIN’S CREED UNITY 2013 (c Ubisoft)

As there are only 20 places available, the participants will be selected based on a letter of motivation (400-500 words), in which you explain how you can contribute to the workshop based on your own background and discipline, preferably in relation to one of the given subjects. Note that the deadline for application is the 3rd of April 2016. Send your letter to Apart from the unique opportunity this workshop offers, students will also receive 1 credit for participating.

For inspiration, you might want to take a look at the film alatriste (2006) also known as captain alatriste: the spanish musketeer, which is set in the 80-years war. (CV)



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